Sunday, 24 November 2013


A simple Matar-Tamater (Peas and Tomatoes) vegetable for everyday cooking. This is a simple home Recipe which can be made for everyday home cooking,. Here its difficult to find the fresh peas in the pods like how we used to get back home, although sometimes I have find the pods at the Turkish store but mostly the peas are quite ripe. I always used the frozen peas here, they are the best next to the fresh ones, but you can also use the peas from a can.  I personally don't like to use the can ones, because they have this sticky sweet sauce, which I don't like but its your choice. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lentil Salad

This is a lentil salad made with whole dark green Lentils which are French Lentils and they are also called as Puy Lentils and French green Lentils. I make them both the ways like an Indian Daal and also as a Salad. But honestly these are better for Salads because they keep a firm texture even after cooking. I make them a lot for the girls Lunch boxes. 

Here is what you:

Monday, 18 November 2013


Sprouting is a very easy way of germinating lentils, seeds, beans, chic-peas etc. It is a very easy way of having greens at home. I sprout my moon beans, Fenugreek and Indian chic peas all the time. You can do so many interesting things with these sprouts like eat them raw in a salad, steamed made into a chat, as a vegetable and so many other things. I am slowly going to put my recipes from the sprouts but first here is the way how to do it at home. This time I have made three different kinds and they are green moon, fenugreek and Indian Chicpea or Chana. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Thalipeeth is a Maharastrian delicacy. It can be made in a variety of ways with different mixes of flours. You can also call it a multi grain bread, with loads of flavor and nutrition. I made it without wheat flour as this recipe is long due for my cousin who has wheat intolerance back in India. This dish can be very good for people with wheat intolerance problem as it really can satisfy your need to eat bread/roti.

Here is what you will need:

Four different kinds of flour :

- 1 cup of millet flour/Bajra
- 1/2 cup corn flour/Makka
- 1/2 cup barley flour/Jowar
- 1/2 cup of gram flour/Besan
- 1/2 cup fine rice flour

Spices and herbs:

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread is an English biscuit. It is made of the most simple ingredients but it tastes great. The only important thing to remember while making shortbread is that the butter should be at the room temperature, meaning really soft.

Here is what you will need:


- 250 gr Butter very soft
- 130 gr Sugar
  350 gr white flour
- 1 pinch Salt
- 1 tsp of Vanilla sugar/few drops vanilla/ vanilla from half vanilla stick

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Aloo-Methi (Potato and Fenugreek) is a common household Subzi सब्ज़ी  (vegetable) often made at home in the north of India. I grew up eating it and loved it too. Its really super simple to make and tastes great served with Chapatis or even Rice. Here in this recipe I have used the dried Methi in this recipe because you always don't get fresh Methi in the Indian stores. But I got it last time here at the Art of Food. I have used here baby potatoes but you can also use any usual potato. One more thing, these potatoes can also be served as a starter, you can stick them into tooth picks and they make great appetizers.

Here is what you will need.

- 500 gms new potatoes
- 1 tbsp oil
- 1 tsp Cumin seeds
- 2 green Chili's, slit lengthwise
- 3/4 tsp Salt
- 3/4 tsp red Chili flakes or to taste
- 1 tsp Coriander powder
- 1 tbsp dried Methi / handful of fresh Methi leaves, chopped if available
- 1/2 tsp of Amchoor Powder, mango powder

Winter Tee

Winter is here, it can snow anytime now so stock up on your winter spices, lemons, limes, ginger and honey. You will need these warm spices to keep you warm and vitamin c from the limes and lemons to keep you away from cold. If nothing else this tee will give you a warm and cozy feeling of winter. We all love it at home. When the girls have cold, I also give them for school in this steel flask and they enjoy it. You can also make a big pot in the morning and keep it in the flask. Help yourself for the whole day.

Here is what you will need:

Friday, 15 November 2013

Masala Chai


Masala Chai is a Chai/Tee based on black tee. It is a very common beverage in India, it is very much consumed in the north, central and the east of India but if you go towards the south you will find the best filter coffee there

So anyways back to our good old chai :

Here is what you will need for 1 cup


- 3/4 cup and a little bit more water to evaporate
- 1/4 cup of milk
- 1 tsp sugar or to taste
- a hazelnut size piece of ginger, crushed
- a green cardamom, crushed
- a pinch of chai masala if available if not 1 small clove and a pinch of black pepper.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney is a delightful little side dish or a Condiment. It is bursting with flavour and it can be served with almost any Indian meal. Chutney plays a very important role in the Indian kitchen. It is super helpful in digestion because of the fresh lime, mint, cumin, ginger and black salt and it tastes amazing. I is a must to be served with fried food because all the fresh herbs and spices are very digestive too. You need this in very small portions.

Here is what you will need:

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Indian coffee

Today we have so many different kinds and types of Coffee. In India Coffee was more a drink in the South of India and North was more dominated by the good old Indian Chai. But this habit has also been affected by the Globalisation. Now-a-days you can find Coffee Baristas everywhere, especially in the Metro Cities. Although if I am right, Chai is the drink which an Indian mostly relishes but Coffee is the in thing to be. 

Anyways, while I was growing up we used to have Coffee once in a while, cold Coffees for Summer and hot, Indian style hand made "Ghoti hoi Coffee" for winter days and mostly at the times of one day Cricket matches. Those used to be fun days. We used to all watch Cricket matches and the Coffee bowl used to be passed down from person to person to beat. 

Bruchetta for a small lunch


Here is a Recipe for a Bruchetta for a small lunch. I made it with medium sized Baugettes. This is very close to the authentic Italian Bruchetta but not the real thing. I have modified it for my taste but I am also going to write the main Bruchetta Recipe too.

Here is what you will need:

- Bread cut into slices/Baugette halved
- 1 fresh tomatoes, diced or 2 tbsp from a Can
- 1/2 red Capsicum, chopped in small cubes
- 1 small onion, chopped
- 1 clove of Garlic, pressed
- 1 tsp of Italian spice mix or dried Oregano
- 1 tsp of extra Virgin Olive oil
- Salt to taste
- few shakes of black Pepper
- a pinch of red Chili Flakes
- 3-4 leaves of fresh Basil, roughly teared.
- 2 tbsp grated Mozzarella cheese for topping.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ginger and Lemon Tee

Its that time of the year when you drink litres and litres of do, at least I do. This is I got to learn from this guy from Romania while we went to the region on Pontresina in the mountains. Its a great tee for the winter months and it also keeps you away from the cold because of the ginger and the vitamin C from the Lemon. Here is what you will need:

Garlic Bread


Garlic bread is a kind of bread which everyone loves from kids to adults and its super simple to make. It goes well for a Party or serve it with a Hot and Spicy Tomato soup on a cold night. Here is what yo will need.


- 1 baguette (or any bread of your choice, I mostly take the half baked small breads)
- 2 TL soft butter
- 2-3 cloves of garlic, crushed/pressed
- Salt to taste
- 1 tsp of Italian spice mix
- 1 big pinch of red chili flakes if you fancy.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Swiss Bits

Zürich is a very cosmopolitan city and you can find almost all types of cuisines here. There are so many good Restaurants here. I am listing a few of my favourites. Most of them are Indian vegetarians but you can also find non vegetarian food there. 

Restaurants in Zürich 

1. Hiltl
    St. Annagasse 18
    8001 Zürich

   Hiltl is one of the first vegetarian restaurants of zürich. It was started in the year 1898. You    can read more here This is my family`s favourite restaurant. Where else in Zürich you            can find delicious Samosas and Kachoris and an endless variety of other vegetarian food.

2. Tibits (This is also a baby from Hiltil)
    Falkenstrasse 12
    8008 Zürich

3. Tibits
   Seefeldstrasse 2
   8008 Zürich

4. Tibits
   Oberer Graben 48
   8400 Winterthur

    Tibits is also from House Hiltl. These are the above three restaurants, two in downtown         Zürich and one in Winterthur.

5. Bona Dea
    It is right outside Zürich main train station called as Zürich Hauptbahnof.

6. Hitzberger
    This is like a chain of restaurants which can mainly be found in the malls.

7. Tandoori
    Bleicherweg 19
    8002 Zürich

8. Khans

9. Kerela
    Hofwiesenstrasse 188
    8057 Zürich

Restaurants in Wallisellen

1. Curry n more
     Richtistrasse 9
     8304 Wallisellen

2. Sahar- Coffee Curry Culture
    Richtipl. 3
    8304 Wallisellen 
    044 883 7000

Restaurants in Oerlikon

1. Malabar
    Wallisellenstrasse 11
    8050 Zürich
    044 311 3117

2. Kurry world
    C S Towers - Oerlikon 
    8050 Zürich 

3. Kurry world
    Max Bill Platz
    Binzmühlestrasse 804
    8050 Oerlikon

4. Hong Kong Food Paradise
    Binzmühlestrasse 104
    8050 Oerlikon 
    044 310 48 88

Tips and Tricks

There are always little tips and tricks in every kitchen. If you know about these cooking becomes much more easier and fun.

Indian cooking is done more with feeling, experience and love. There are recipes to be followed but this kitchen is also very flexible which makes it very versatile, I think! We all know about the food  
pyramid, which is a universal system to follow. But if you have a flexible cuisine which we can combine with the food pyramid, I think the results are amazing. Yes! I am talking about the Indian kitchen. Its a very flexible kitchen, there are certain rules about the spices which I will talk on the spice page. But for example, if you don't like to eat ginger or garlic then it can be very well avoided here. This way the food that you are cooking will be for your palate and taste.