Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Almost embrassed !!!

Yes I am !!! almost embrassed. For a few days while I wrote some of my new posts I figured that some of the old photos from the Blog were missing. I started freaking out and was trying to figure out how to fix it and what to do? For me it was some work I did here, especially the phots form the Chüchukästchli. I couldnt figure it out and finally asked Mana. She asked me what I have been doing?(they know I do things like that and then they have to come to my rescue) I explained it to her and here comes the embrassing moment. Because the computer was loading the photos very slowely I removed the phtotos from Picasa, thinking that if I reduce the storage it would help, and that`s what my mistake was. The moment the pictures were taken out from there, they automatically vanished from the Blog. So lesson well learnt. I thought that once if you have put some pictures on the Blog, no matter what..... it stays. But apparentely that is not the case. The stuff should always be on-line. You can never stop learning. Keeps you grounded. Every once in a while when I start thinking Ok!!! I got this and BAM!!! something like this happens and you think you still have a long way to go and so it really keeps you going.

So will never do this stupid mistake again. Mana again came to the resuce. Kids are so good now-a-days as if they are born with a chip or shall I say I was a bit stupid. Anyways "What a relief it was" for me to know and fix the problem. I shall sleep well today. I have uploaded some gone pictures on the Blog and shall do the rest of them soon.

Subh Ratri !!!


Bally! The story of "The Bally Shoe"

The name Bally does not need an introduction at least in Switzerland or Europe or may be also in the rest of the world. The Bally shoe company was started by Carl Franz Bally in the year 1851. We had a very compassionate and a "very passisonate about shoes" guide to tell us "the story of Bally". How it all started in the basement of the house and slowely become one of the best shoe makers of the world.


The office! still kept like how it used to be.

Carl Franz Bally


The handwriting was far better than printing.

The entrance to the office.

The writing desk.

Our Guide !!! She has such passion for shoes and knew a lot about it, was worth a visit.

The workshop bits.

Olden days flip-flops

This was a huge piece of amythyst stone, formed in the form of a shoe given to the Bally people from Brazil as a gift.

I have never seen such a big amytheyst

Our guide said in those days also a "little shoe" worn as a pendant was considered to be very lucky, now we know where does people got all the ideas from.

The shoe for the Pope, now if you think about it, Pope always wears red shoes.

Royal shoes.

Shoes from Japan

These were some of the "old styled shoes" but after looking at them I realised the Fashion of the shoe repeats itself and our guide said so many shoemakers come here for inspiration.

House shoes

The embrodry on the leather was done in those days by housewives and then it was made into a shoe.

A Nike from "Roger Federer"

All old classics.

Again the same, beautiful shoes and Ja one old saying from England "No brown after eight" and people used to follow it very seriously.

The shoe from "The Queen of England"

The heels.

and again, with such intricate work.

This little wodden thingy was used to wear the boots.

Winter boots.

Shoes from China.

And of course "India"

and Africa

 "The shoemakers" One very interesting thing I found out about them is. The shoemaker while making the shoe would chew on a small piece of leather. This worked like a drug for him and then he was totally in his element.

Again chinese shoes. The girls in china in those days were considered beautiful with small feet. So they were given small shoes and there feet were tied so that they stay small. 

These shoes were used in the hot regions. The women would wear them to get to the pool/water and leave them close to the pool and get in.

These are small little shoes made from procelian. A very interesting story here. If a man would love a girl he would write a letter to her and send her in this little shoe. Sometimes if the girls were lucky they would get lots of these shoes. I loved the idea. I think Vilreory should start making them !!!

The whole group.

The end.

Auf wieder sehen.
Lieben gruss