Thursday, 10 March 2016

Yogurt with Cucumber/ Kheere ka Raita

Kheere खीरे का रायता ka Raita: Cucumber Raita 

Raita is a condiment or a little side wish made with natural yogurt. Is is an important dish on an Indian platter or a Thali. First of all it is very refreshing and it also helps neutralise the flavours and its cooling too. Now-a-days there is a lot of HOO HA about the probiotics and thats where exactly Raita comes in. Yoghurt is a fantastic probiotic food. Not that its anything new, we have been eating yoghurt for centuries but sometimes we dont make it a part of our everday food. This little humble dish is as easy as a snap and it tastes divine.

It can be made to go with the Indian food but if made with Greek yogurt it makes a great salad as well, especially super hit in summer.