Sunday, 27 April 2014

Warm Pasta Salad

There are sometimes those lazy rainy days when you don't feel like cooking anything but you and your family are super hungry. That's what happened to me yesterday :( I and we all were hungry. I finally got up and was hunting the fridge, I wanted to cook something delicious, easy and super simple. I found a tub of small cherry tomatoes, a Zucchini, some fresh baby spinach and of course, M`s idea was to incorporate some feta cheese too. So we topped it with crumbled feta and chili oil, it turned to be quite a treat for us and we enjoyed it watching IPL.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Shrikand is a famous Dessert from the Central part of India and its also quite famous in Gujarat, unlike other Indian Desserts its super simple to make. You just have to start the preparation early. Its based on natural yoghurt, the water of the yoghurt is drained out and then its almost ready after sweetning it up and adding nuts, saffron etc. 

This makes a super good dessert for calorie freak people and for everyone else too. I love to eat it on my toast in the morning, thats why when I make it I always make a big quantity.