Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ginger and Lemon Tee

Its that time of the year when you drink litres and litres of do, at least I do. This is I got to learn from this guy from Romania while we went to the region on Pontresina in the mountains. Its a great tee for the winter months and it also keeps you away from the cold because of the ginger and the vitamin C from the Lemon. Here is what you will need:


- 1 big cup of boiling hot water
- half a lemon, cut into wedges
- 1 tbsp of honey
- an inch of ginger, cut into fine julienne strips.


1.First of all peel and cut the ginger into fine julienne strips.
2.Cut the Lemon into wedges.
3.Put the ginger and lemon wedges into a cup and squeeze about a tsp of lemon juice into the cup.
4.Cup boiling hot water into the cup.
5.Let the tee sit down for about 5-7 minutes.
6.Add a tbsp of honey, mix it all well and enjoy.

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