Monday, 18 November 2013


Sprouting is a very easy way of germinating lentils, seeds, beans, chic-peas etc. It is a very easy way of having greens at home. I sprout my moon beans, Fenugreek and Indian chic peas all the time. You can do so many interesting things with these sprouts like eat them raw in a salad, steamed made into a chat, as a vegetable and so many other things. I am slowly going to put my recipes from the sprouts but first here is the way how to do it at home. This time I have made three different kinds and they are green moon, fenugreek and Indian Chicpea or Chana. 

Here is what you will need:

- 1 tbsp of Fenugreek seeds/Methi
- 1 cup of green Moong
- 1 cup of Chicpea/Chana


1. First of all find three different glass vases or bowls where in you can soak these things separately. 
2. I have taken a glass bottle, one glass bowl and one glass Vase (gifted by T for Christmas:)
3. Put the Fenugreek in the smallest glass container and the other two stuff accordingly. 
4. Wash these things separately and see that the water is clean. 
5. Cover them with enough cold water, cover it with a fine muslin and let them sit in water overnight. 
6. Next day, throw the water in which they were soaked, fill the pots again with fresh water in order to rinse them, and again take out all the water from the pots, its best to do it under a sieve. 
6. Cover all the three pots with the fine muslin again and let them sit for the whole 24 hours. 
7. Next day morning you can already see the sprouts coming out. 
8. Now you can also start using them at this stage but if you want longer sprouts like I had then repeat the step 6 again and until the evening ie. after 6 hours you will see them a bit more grown or even better the next day morning you will see very long and shiny sprouts. 
9. Be creative and cook them however you fancy.

Here are steps below, you can see how beautifully they come out, let me tell you its a work of patience but once you do it, you will love it.

Day 1, morning and evening.


Day 2 morning and evening.


Day 3, morning and evening.


Day 4 morning.


My experience is that, until now I get the best results in spring and fall is also not bad. In the summer you have it happens a bit early, depending on how much is the temperature. One has to be a bit more careful in the summer, as sometimes they might become a bit more sticky and might also have a strong odour. As soon as you think they are ready to you, keep them refrigerated to stop the growing process.

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