Monday, 8 March 2010

Art on Ice !!!!

What an amazing show !!! Art on Ice. We went to see yesterday, a dear friend of mine Monika has organised the tickets and boy that was fun !!! I wonder how many hours and hours of hard work and dedication goes in making these awesome aritst for what they are. It was indeed a great pleasure for me to have witnessed that. Artists from all over the world were there. No color, country, language or anything. Just artist performing there very best and giving people a very good time.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

did it but its gone !!

i wrote a nice little recepie for a breakfast or a snack and while doing something i may have pressed something wrong and it went away (as me being technology challanged), so will write another time and will also have time to put a picture.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

feels good !!!

It really feels good to be doing this. Now about the name of the blog I must thank my two daughters because it is really their joint effort. First I named it FOOD but the thing is I also do other things besides cooking and then it was kind of a non fitting word for the blog. So I was asking my girls about some ideas: one said......How about Creative.....hmmm i said sounds good !!! and immediately the other one said if we do it Creativ--ITY, it will be creativity and will also have your name to it. COOL !!! yup, thats what I said. So thanks to the girls. Kids are so good now-a-days and mine are too !! haha !!

endlich gemacht !!!!! finally did it !!!

i have been debating on this for some years now. i remember my cousin from usa came and even started a blog for me some years ago but than i was quite technology challenged. i am not saying i still am not. but am willing to give it a hand. the other thing was i wanted to do it in german but anyways for now its in english and you never know, when i can switch. and with blogging the thing is it is not so strict its casual. and i like casual and easy. i am not one of the great writers either but i am here to share some of my recepies with you.
i hope i will be a regular here.
so see you around.