Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Mango Lassi

Who doesn't know Lassi or Mango Lassi. I never thought this will be one drink which gets so famous around the world. Its a cold beverage made with natural yogurt, sugar and water/ice cubes. The plain good old normal Lassi seems to be taken a back space here in Europe but Mango Lassi seems be to a favourite. Lassi is a very nutritious and healthy drink and its such a filler too. While I was growing up we used to have normal Dahi दही लस्सी natural yogurt lassi all the time.

To be honest I first tasted Mango lassi many many years ago at at Restaurant in Singapore in about 1995! Wow! that sounds like ancient history and I sound old, better deal with it and move on. So moving on.... there was this nice Indian Annapurna restaurant at the Changi airport. The speciality of this restaurant was that most of the staff used to be housewives. They would serve you the food in nice silk Kanjeevaram Saree's. The food was amazing and the service very polite and friendly. We had our Dosas and then we saw Lassi and we ordered. While we took a first sip of the Lassi, we thought it went bad. The lassi was in the colour of a mango shake but the taste was of the Lassi. We asked the staff and that's where they told us its mango Lassi. Until now we were used to normal white Lassi or milky mango shake. This was an entirely new product but when we let our brains think that its yogurt with mango. It worked and then it tasted great! I don't know who invented Mango Lassi but whatever it is its a good discovery, almost very little and insignificant but very tasty.