Saturday, 1 March 2014

Vegetarian Smörgåstårta (Swedish)

Vegetarian Smörgåstårta: Its a Swedish speciality and Anne-li showed us how to make it in our cooking club. It is served as a main course. It was phenomenal. I loved it so much that I really have no words to express myself. It was very refreshing, fresh, delicious dish and the combination of the ingredients was incredible. I cant thank Anne-li enough for that.

Vegetarian Smörgåstårta for 8 people

about 2 dozen bread slices
For the filling 1:
- 2 pieces of Avocados, cut into cubes
- 1/2 Lemon for the juice
- 1 Apple cut into cubes
- 1/2  leek, finely chopped
. 10 Olives, cut into circles
- 75 ml Quark or Curd Cheese
- Salt to taste
- Black Pepper

Filling 2:
- 3 pieces of Carrots, grated finely
- 5 Tbsp of Sour Creme
- 1 Piece of Leek, finely chopped
- 150 gms Feta Cheese, grated
- 1 red Capsicum, chopped in small cubes

For Garnishing:
- 200 ml double creme
- 100 g blue mold cheese
- 10 pieces of olives, halved
- 1 Carrot cut into thin slices
- 1 Cucumber, cut into slices
- few sprigs of Dill

1. Cut the corners of the bread.
2. Lay the bread into rows.
3. Prepare the fillings and taste them too.
4. Spread the first filling on the Bread, then put one more layer of bread and spread it with the second filling and again put one third layer of bread. 
5. Beat the creme and add the blue cheese in the beated creme.
6. Spread the half of the creme and blue cheese mix on the sides of the Smörgåstårta.
7. Add the Avocado with the rest of the Creme-cheese mix and spread it on top of the Smörgåstårta.
8. Garnish with Carrots, Olives, Dill and Cucumber.
Tip: This was the Vegetarian version which was made for me and of course all other people. The non Vegetarian version was with sea food, will also put up soon. I did not add Blue Cheese to this, as I am not a big fan of that and also depending on what you dont get in your area, you can be a bit creative and flexible. This was really a fantastic dish and I loved it. It can be made for big gatherings as it can be very well made in advance. It would also be great to serve at festivals, Sommer parties and even birthdays. My girls loved it too, the flavours are really amazing. Go ahead and try it, you will not regret it. 

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