Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Simple Veggie Sandwich

Who doesn't love a simple Sandwich! My girls are huge Sandwich fans and I am very happy for that because there are so many things different things you can put and make an interesting and healthy Sandwich, just get creative. I like to make mostly warm Sandwiches, sometimes with store bought bread and sometimes with my home made Focaccia.

Here is what you will need for two people:

- 4 slices of wholemeal Bread
- Butter
- Cheese (I took Edamer, it melts nicely)
- Salt
- Pepper
- Ketchup
- Mustard
- Hot Pain something like Tabasco only hotter
- Vegetables of your choice, I took Zucchini, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Radish and Bell Peppers are cut into slices
- Panini maker if you got otherwise a good old Pan
- Baking Paper if you are using the Panini maker


1. First of all spread butter on the bread slices so that it becomes soft and its easy to spread.
2. In the meantime wash all the vegetables. Slice the Zucchini, Tomatoes, Radish and Bell Peppers. Tear the Lettuce and pat them dry with a paper Towel, we need crunchy Veggies.
3. Spread the butter nicely on the bread.
4. Spread some Mustard, Ketchup and add a Cheese slice and layer your Sandwich with all the vegetables you got.
5. Heat the Panini maker and put your Sandwich on the Panini maker which is lined with a baking paper.
6. Heat it for about 4-5 Minutes, take it out when you see the Cheese getting soft.
7. Serve immediately.



- In these Sandwiches, I took the Zucchini raw but if you like you can also grill them.
- The reason to put the paper on the Grill is that, when the cheese melts the grill doesn't get messy and there is no hassle to clean it and serving also becomes very easier but you might not get very strong grill marks on the sandwich, that's the only disadvantage.

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