Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mango Creme


This is a Dessert inspired by the Indian "Shreekhand" or Amarkhand. These Indian Desserts are based on natural Yogurt. Sreekhand is based on Yogurt, sugar, Saffron, green Cardamom powder and some nuts and the Amarkhand is all the mentioned things plus the bestest "King of Fruit" YES Alfonso Mango in it. Here you can read more about the "King of fruits" The Alphanso

But here is a more European version of a Mango Creme with creme and Curd cheese. It makes a great summer dessert.

Ingredients :

1. 6 pieces of Alphonso Mango/500 gms can of Alphonso Mango puree
2. 250 ml of fresh creme
3. 350-400 gms of Magerquark(curd cheese) or Rahmquark(curd cheese with creme in it)
4. 3-4 green cardamom pods, crushed
5. few strands of saffron
6. chopped pistachios to garnish.


1. If you got fresh Mangoes then wash them, peel them and make a puree out of 4 Mangoes and cut the rest two into cubes, set them aside. In case of using puree its just puree :)

2.  Beat the creme and keep it separately.

3. Take a big glass bowl, add Mango puree, beated creme and quark and keep mixing it slowly with an egg beater and mix it by cut and fold method. Keep doing this until all the ingredients are used.

4.  Finally add the fresh fruit and keep it chilled for about 2-3 hours or better overnight.

5. You can also add a big pinch of Saffron, few green Cardamom pods powdered and chopped pistachios on the top before serving. Enjoy

Tip: In case of using the puree you don't need to add any sugar but in case of using the fresh Mangoes you could add some sugar. Instead of Magerquark, Rahmquark could also be substituted.
Don't even think of making this with those big mangoes with lots of threads in them. Bake a cake instead.



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