Friday, 29 April 2011

History being made Today!!!

Today we all saw History being made right before our eyes. A commoner being married to a Prince and becoming Princess. Felt just like seeing a Barbie movie. It was magical, beautiful and a very happy moment for so many people around the globe to see Princess Diana`s son Prince William tie the knot with Kate Middelton. I saw the ceremony with my whole family as other millions of people around the globe must have seen. Beautiful !!! Kate was looking very beautiful and graceful and she carried her with such ease. She will make a real Royal beside Prince William. I or we all have seen the boys grow together from kids to adults after the death of Princess Diana. They have turned out to be such great human beings and William has such an affecianote smile like his mother. I am sure she is blessing them but if she would have been here, she would have been so proud.


God bless the Royal Couple !!!

One of the best evenings !!

Yesterday was one of the best evenings for me and to meet so many different people from different countries and different walks of like was awesome. The commom factor joining all of us was, guess what?? Yes!!!  Food !!! They were very enthusiastic and exicitng people and its so nice to meet people like that. There was this person who was explaining cooking to be very magical and how he felt like a magician mixing and using all those spices. It was a very sexy description for a cuisine I have ever heard. But to be very honest it fitted. Passionate people feel like that about cooking and I could'nt agree more. Another think what I liked is this French girl and her language, how she spoke English and German in her French accent. I love the way the French speak, its so cute !!!

I feel today the world has changed so much, its a real Global Village in every term. You see so many people from different cultures, religions and countries and still coexisting with each other. This thing always keeps my Adrenaline flowing. MY GOD!! it was not long ago we had seen World-Wars, German and French against each other, Indians being ruled by the British and so on. Now we have seen the first Black President in America and for one very little humble being like me, here I sit with all these people on one big table breaking Bread !! WOW !!! what a feeling that is !! Its nondescribale for me. But it feels great and  I thank God each time I get to witness this.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

So it is !!!

So I woke up with a bad headache, fixed breakfast for L, had a cup of Chai with a cracker and gulped down an asprin with it. After throwing the washing in the machine somehow managed to drive to my pilates class. The beginning was not very good but slowely the body woke up and after a very hard lesson I came out of the class like a new person, as if walking on air. Now we all know the benefits of working out. But there are days where in we just want to lay in bed, read a book, sit in front of the telly eating crisps or rather in this case me eating popcorn made in olive oil by M (will soon put the recipe, its awesome!!!). As we all know the glückshorme Endorphin (the morphin within) which the brain produces while exercising and in return makes us feel happy, relaxed and more energetic. So as Nike says "Just do it", I try and follow most of the time. Time and again I have used this phrase from Nike, and it works for me. In fact this is one of the best advertisements which I like. Simple, clear and full of message. No planning, thinking, just doing. This does not mean that we should not plan anything, we sure do expecially for working out we have to. Otherwise we will do what I sometimes do, oh ! I dont have time, have to clear the kitchen, do groceries, the bag is not filled and so on. So what I do is fill up my bag in the evening before going to bed, clear up the house a bit and soon after my breakfast I am off.

The benefits are huge be it Pilates, yoga, walking, swimming or whatever is that you fancy. And you can always give yourself a treat every now and then, like go see a movie, or a new book or eat out with a friend.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Jaipur : Taste Match Jaipur

I am so glad to have seen this video on Jaipur and that too mainly food. I must say its a great watch and they have covered most of the things which are so really famous in Jaipur. I thought one day I will do a video like that but hey my work is done and may be in my next trip I will try and bring some more local delights from there on my camera which are my childhood favourites like Goma ki Kachori, Gopal ki Patschi, Bhagat ke Doodh ke Laddu, LMB ki Shohan Helva etc. OMG!!! I must stop now. Until than enjoy.

Monday, 11 April 2011


Every country has its cultures and traditions. Today Sechseläuten was celebrated in Zürich. This festival is a Spring festival and is celebrated for 2-3 days and the last day of the festival when the Bögg (Snowman) is burned down, its an offical holiday in Zürich. On the 2 nd day there is a children's Parade through the old town of Zürich and on the 3rd and the last day the 26 guilds(the guilds which, originally represented trades, were responsible for much of Zurich’s political, social, economic and military life) get dressed in traditional costumes and they parade around the old town of Zürich along with horse drawn carriages, horses etc. The Parade starts at 15.00 and ends at 18.00, and at sharp 18.00(swiss time) the Bögg is burned down. They say the faster the Bögg burns down the better the summer is going to be that year. Today  I think it took 10.56 seconds(approximately), they had not confirmed the right time and than it was time for me to go and cook.
I watched the whole procession at home while ironing but I guess I should have gone to the city to see it live beacuse the weather was great today. Anyways there is always next time and you get a better coverage on the telly at home.


Emotional behaviour

Ticino Abend !!

Gestern haben wir Essen aus Ticino gegessen. Ich erinirre mich das Dorothy gefragt hat wie man das wichtig sagen muss aber ich sage Tessiner Essen war Super!!! Die Bruscheta und die Weich Käse war super und so war die Cremige Spargel Risotto. Und was kann ich für den Kuchen sagen. WOW!!! Die Marroni Küchen war wie ich Rosy gesagt hat ein Küchen für die Reiche Laute und das andere Brot Küchen war auch sehr Lecker, ein ganz jeden Tags Kuchen.

Bald kommt die Fotos.

Danke Rosy das du uns deine Küche geseigt hat.

Monday, 4 April 2011

World Cup win !!!

YES! YES! YES!!!!!! The Cup is home !! We have won the Cricket World cup after 28 years again !!!! Feels great and now slowely the feeling is sinking in. What a celebration people are having !!! Real madness, being mad in Victory !!!