Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Chaunk/ Tadka/ Baghar

Chaunk/ Tadka/ Baghar and many more

Most of us know about cooking techniques likes roasting, baking, blanching, frying and so on. Baghar /Chaunk or Tadka is an an Indian method of seasoning/tempering a dish with whole spices. The Ghee/Oil is heated well until it smokes, then the heat is reduced a bit and the whole spices like cumin seeds or mustard seeds are added to the Ghee. This way the whole spices are roasted, they open themselves and we get a very good aroma. If you put the Tadka in a Daal in the end, its the best as it looks pretty on the eyes and it tastes great too.

Its funny how this one method has three or more names but the bottom line is the same. Its just that its a regional difference in the use of languages. In our home or in Rajasthan its mostly mentioned as Chaunk but in the north like Delhi its known as Tadka, the people from Maharashtra call is phodni and the Gujratis call it Vagharne but for everyone it a must and especially for a Daal. I would say its a crown for Daal. It brings a Daal to an altogether another level.  
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