Friday, 31 January 2014

Pots & Pans

There are the few different kinds of utensils that makes Indian cooking easier.

1. Pressure Cooker : This is a must in any Indian or a non Indian kitchen too for that matter. I think its a wonderful piece of utensil, which is so wisely made, its super simple and efficient and it saves a lot of time and energy. I always tell my students to invest in one. Its great to cook beans, daals(lentils), potatoes, chicpeas etc.


The first two pressure cookers in the picture above are Indian cookers, Prestige and Hawkins are trusted Indian brands. The good thing about Indian cookers is that you can also find them in sizes as small as 1/2 litre ones. The third one is a European cooker, here I have seen you find mostly the 5 litres one but for some time now I have also seen 2 litres ones too.

2. Tava/Crepes pan

This small flat pan is a must to be able to make Indian rotis/ parathans, because it does not have a very high rim on the side. The Indian Tavas back home are a bit roundish at the bottom as people cook mostly on gas there and it sits perfect but here when we use electric gas stoves its not at all ideal, so go for a bottom surface one. Its exactly like a Crepe pan from the West. You can either buy a non stick one or also a cast iron works fine or if you can get a Crepe pan, it works great too. I use it too.


The first one in the picture is an Indian Tava with a roundisch bottom, the second one is with a flat bottom and the third one is a Crepe pan.

3. Wok/Karahi

This is another important thing when you like to fry things. Here we mostly get the big Chinese Woks but for a small family I find it a bit too big because you have to use a lot of oil to fry. So mostly I bring back from home but another substitute is to find a pan, which has a flat bottom and then it goes a bit roundisch on the sides. That works fine as well.

Woks are great to fry but they are also very good to make fried rise, dry vegetables like Aloo-Gobi etc.


So, the first one is the kind of pan which you can use to deep fry, the middle one is the small Indian Wok-pan and the third one is a sort of a Chinese wok.

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