Monday, 2 December 2013

Tips for Tourists

When you are travelling as a tourist then I know the kind of pressure you have to take things home for the friends and family. Here are some tips which might help you with your gift shopping.

1. One can never go wrong with Swiss Chocolate and here in the town where I live we have a chocolate factory outlet from Halba Chocolates. This is the photo from the entrance of the outlet, it looks exaclty like this, a Swiss Chalet, inviting you in and since I live 2 minutes walk from here, we have no choice but to indulge ourselves, so woth it, even a simple chocolate bar of 80 Rappen tastes heavenly!

Halba Chocolate
Alte Winterthur strasse 1
8304 Wallisellen

2. Who doesnt know "Lindt and Sprungli". Its worth visiting their outlet as well.

Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate Factory Outlet

Seestrasse 204
8802 Kilchberg.


3. Switzerland has many outlets to shop. They have clothes, bags, accessiroes, kitchenware and many more things depending on what store it is. You can find good deals here too. Some of the few which are close to Zürich are :

Globus Outlet
Neue Winterthuerstr. 7
8305 Dietlikon

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