Sunday, 1 December 2013

Shopping in Jaipur

The best way to have fun to shop in Jaipur is to walk in the different markets:

There are different markets selling different kinds of things, some of the most famous markets or Bazaars are :

- Nehru Bazar
- Indira Bazar
- Johari Bazar
- Kishanpole Bazar (yours truly`s home is till there!! hmmm)
- Bapu Bazar : Just at the corner of the Bapu Bazar there is a small market called "Saroagi Mansion" It has things mostly for Women, some very nice Saree shops, bindis, jewelery, lingrie etc.

These are the good ones where in you can buy little knick knacks, from shoes to clothes, brass items, jewelery, books and so many other little things. The best way to shop is just walk around in these Bazars and take a break every now and then for a plate of street food, from Pav Bhagi to Dosa to Chai or even a chilled Limca or Thumbs up!!! Oh!! what a treat that is.

M I Road is the creme place of Jaipur, it has many famous Restaurants and a few good government Emporiums where in you don't have to bother to haggle.

- Rajasthali: Rajasthali is a good showroom for kurtas, silk scarves, blue pottery, marble stuff, bed sheets, blocks, brass things etc. You can always find that little Souvenir you want to take home under one roof.

- Khadi Ghar: Who doesn't know Khadi. I love Khadi Ghar, they also have a big variety of different things from Khadi cotton fabric, Khadi silk, shawls, incense ticks, wooden things, jewelry etc. etc.

- Anokhi : Anokhi sells beautiful kurtas, bed sheets, bags, dairies, kaftan's, salwaar kameej and possibly all sorts of garments. It is a bit pricey too but the things are really nice and the Restaurant is really good. Anokhi has chains in different cities in India too and abroad as well.

- Fab India: Fab India is another shop which has chains in many Indian cities, nice stuff too.

- Cottons: the name says it all, they also have nice stuff and also have chains in many cities too.

Now there are many Shopping malls which have come up in many places, some of them I dont even know.

- Gaurav Towers: Its in Malviya nagar and its quite nice too, in the evening there is always a Mela of people there. Just parallel to it there is this nice Restarurant "Kanhas"

- The World Trade Centre: Its just ride beside the Gaurav Towers, a 2 minute walk from there. If you are fed up with the Jaipur Heat and want to go somewhere cool, I mean Air Conditioner cool, they go here and you will find an Italian Coffee, Zara, Claires and a multiplex also. Catch a movie with some nice popcorn.

- Lifestlye shopping mall
Bais Godam

- Crystal Palm

- Ganpati Plaza


Shopping for books in Jaipur

Crosswords :
First Floor
K K Square
C 11 Prathiraj  Marg
Jaipur 302001

This is the same building where the Anoki Resturant and Little Italy is. So You can have a nice lunch, browse through the books and then go for a nice brownie in little Italy, thats what we do.


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