Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Swiss Bits

Zürich is a very cosmopolitan city and you can find almost all types of cuisines here. There are so many good Restaurants here. I am listing a few of my favourites. Most of them are Indian vegetarians but you can also find non vegetarian food there. 

Restaurants in Zürich 

1. Hiltl
    St. Annagasse 18
    8001 Zürich

   Hiltl is one of the first vegetarian restaurants of zürich. It was started in the year 1898. You    can read more here This is my family`s favourite restaurant. Where else in Zürich you            can find delicious Samosas and Kachoris and an endless variety of other vegetarian food.

2. Tibits (This is also a baby from Hiltil)
    Falkenstrasse 12
    8008 Zürich

3. Tibits
   Seefeldstrasse 2
   8008 Zürich

4. Tibits
   Oberer Graben 48
   8400 Winterthur

    Tibits is also from House Hiltl. These are the above three restaurants, two in downtown         Zürich and one in Winterthur.

5. Bona Dea
    It is right outside Zürich main train station called as Zürich Hauptbahnof.

6. Hitzberger
    This is like a chain of restaurants which can mainly be found in the malls.

7. Tandoori
    Bleicherweg 19
    8002 Zürich

8. Khans

9. Kerela
    Hofwiesenstrasse 188
    8057 Zürich

Restaurants in Wallisellen

1. Curry n more
     Richtistrasse 9
     8304 Wallisellen

2. Sahar- Coffee Curry Culture
    Richtipl. 3
    8304 Wallisellen 
    044 883 7000

Restaurants in Oerlikon

1. Malabar
    Wallisellenstrasse 11
    8050 Zürich
    044 311 3117

2. Kurry world
    C S Towers - Oerlikon 
    8050 Zürich 

3. Kurry world
    Max Bill Platz
    Binzmühlestrasse 804
    8050 Oerlikon

4. Hong Kong Food Paradise
    Binzmühlestrasse 104
    8050 Oerlikon 
    044 310 48 88

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