Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tiffin ideas/Sandwich

Tiffin is a Hindi word as a noun it means a lunch box, could of out of plastic, tuppeware or steel and it also means packed lunch or a snack. Here are some things which I give my girls for Tiffin/lunch and recipes of some of those are already on the Blog:

- Couscous Salad
- Boulgour Salad
- Fresh Corn salad with sour creme
- Potato salad with sour creme and fresh Dill
- Boiled chic pea salad
- Hummus
- Lentil salad

The things which I avoid putting in the salads are "Garlic" a very big NO NO, "ONION" no way and go mild on the spices too. I used to put all these things but the girls didnt like it and I finally got it.

Here is the Lentil Tikki Salad( Recipe of tikki already on the blog)


1.  I made two small tikkis with Red massor Dal, 1/4 grated carrot, salt and pepper to taste, a bit of chopped fresh corainder and I cooked them in olive oil.

2. Take a small brown Baugette, spread some Senf (Mustard) on to it, add a slice of cheese, top it with slices of Cucumber and some fresh Basil leaves. Finally add the Tikki on the top followed by again a slice of cheese and Basil. Sometimes I also take some lettuce too.

3. Instead of the Lentil Tikkis you can also take slices of potatoes and some Avocado, or roasted Aubergines and bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes etc. Just experiment and go with the flow.

4. So thats the lunch for T, a fresh apple, a small cucumber and the home made sandwich. It is a great combination for growing children with a mixture of good carbohydrate, protiens, calcium and vitaims. I also give the kids a small box mixed with nuts.

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