Thursday, 26 September 2013

Italinisches Sommer Buffet

About 2 weeks ago I visited a course named as "Italinisches Sommer Buffet" and guess what I got so lucky not on purpose the teacher said but it was a coincidence that out of the whole 16 recipes just one had meat. So was a real treat for me and the Food was, WOW!!! and the Italian dessert even WOW!!!!
Here are some of the pictures of the dishes we cooked.

Preparation of Fennel Salad, chopped Fresh Fennel

Fennel being cooked with sun dried tomatoes,
 capers, fresh bay leaf, and a bit of Tomato puree
Rolling of the Aubergine 
with mozzarella and one Basil leaf
Potatoes being cooked

Roasted pine nuts

Summer salad

Aubergnies rolled with the cheese inside.
Summer salad

I really loved this one, a salty cake with potatoes and artichokes

Little cherry tomatoes ready to go to the oven.

                                         Giovanna showing us how to do the pie base.

Zuchini Fritters being made

zuchini Fritters

Filling for the big tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoe salad topped with bread crumbs, spices and parmesan, was divine

Yummy Pomedora filled with veggies and topped with freshly made bread crumbs. 

Ebly with veggies, great summer salad or a picknick treat.

Cucumber salad with Paremsan shavings.

Blueberry cake, Adula`s version which everyone loved.

Pasta salad


Heavenly Aubergnies filled with cheese and topped with tomatoe sauce.

Tomatoe Cake

Buffet ready to dig in......

A perfect sommer Dessert

Other yummy desserts. 

Thanks, Gräzie, Merci Giovanna :)

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