Thursday, 26 September 2013

Birthday girl berry tart

It was my birthday on the 28th of August, I happen to be a typical Virgo. I may be one of the few Women who does not fell bad getting older, in fact I feel I have earned my years. OK sometime I also fuss when I have to change glasses from reading to driving, or try to thread a needle but other then that I am fine with it. I feel I got wiser but Patience that is a different ball game. Will talk about that another time.

But I love birthdays and everything about it from getting mails, to facebook wishes, to hugs to phone calls to gifts and cakes. I feel its about celebrating "LIFE" and everyone should do it.

M made a nice lunch of Aubergine Risotto for me and me made a berry tart with whole meal flour, brown sugar and it was yum:) I am really not lying. The Recipe is from Dr. Oetker`s book on German baking (German baking is one of the best). So here it is, how it looked


It has the nuttiness of nuts and brown flour and the sweetness and sourness of sweet and sour berries, OH!!!was heavenly, should write the recipe soon. The best thing is you can to it with really anything. Caramelised bananas, Apples with Zimt or even Johansberries etc.

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