Thursday, 12 January 2012

it`s about little things in life!

I hope you all started the new year well, YES! so did I, thanks for thinking about me. Its been a bit crazy as our wireless box got broken, I guess over utilized (just kidding) and said chaö to us and R being travelling it was not easy for M to fix it by herself. But she still started it somehow. Kids are great now-a-days, its like they are born with a chip or something. Anyways I wish you a speedy great start in the year 2012 and I hear great things happening in this year especially for women. So "Frauen Power" here we come. Have a look at this book, "Serpent of Light", a friend has recommended it to me. I am in the middle of reading, sounds very promising.

 The door bell rang read that carefully "TWICE", it could be by mistake, by chance or someone just playing a joke. But its not that. Here in the m00-m00 land when you get a registered post or a parcel, the postman will ring the bell twice, then you just run out and get to the door. I found it so SIMPLE yet so effective. I still get a kick out of this. As I always say and R makes fun of me......"Its a very little thing, but yet very big" and it works. I think its a good thinking, and a good system. I have not seen such a system in any of the different countries I have lived. Other systems are not bad either, because they will give you an opportunity to speak to the postman discuss the weather and he might also ask hesitatingly with a smirk on his face (which can never happen here), so what are you expecting in the parcel and have a little chit-chat. But this one we all know so I figured its worth mentioning some "little things in life.............after all every now and then I have to justify my titel.

Off I go to put check marks on my list of : Things to do and trust me the list is very big.

See you around, do write a line or two, makes me :) :) :)

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