Friday, 27 January 2012

26th Janauary!

This date rings a bell. On the 26th of January 63 years ago the Constitution of India was formed. This day is a national holiday and is celebrated nationwide. A big parade takes place in the capital (New Delhi), bravery awards are given and there are floats exhibiting the culture and diversity of different states of India. The atmosphere is festive, happy and very electric. The whole of the celebration is broad casted live on television. I remember as a child my grandfather used to make sure that every body is present to see the parade and no one misses it. We would go to school in the morning to sing the National Anthem, which was the highlight for me and then gather sweets and go home. As I child that was something to look forward. Today it brings smile to the face and respect for so many people. To read more about it go here


Today another special day for another special country. Australia also celebrates National day of Australia or rather called as "Australia day" on the 26th of January, to read more :

A very good friend of mine has her birthday and so I sing for her: Zum Geburstag viel Glück ! Happy birthday to M...........and  I told her what special day she chose to be born!

So all in all a very remarkable day to be remembered with much respect, love and pride.

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