Monday, 19 December 2011

Rückblick, looking back on 2011

 India won the "World cup Cricket" tournament after 1983 and this time the "Master Blaster" Sachin tendulkar was also there. What a win !

The world lost the most amazing and talented visionary "Steve Jobs". Salute to him and his visions which you can see in almost every hand today.                            
Amy Winehouse Dead! We all saw this on newspapers and TV channels. What a waste of talent at such a young age. I think its not easy to handle too much success unless you are mentally and spiritually very strong. Spiritually I say because here I am speaking on the basis of the Indian Scripture "Geeta" . Now its more than difficult for me to sum up Geeta, but what I can say from my thinking, which I try and fail to follow most of the time myself is ONE SHOULD BELIEVE IN DOING (Karma) (and for me the modern version which I love is "NIKE" just do it) and not in the results and try and be detached from happiness or sorrow, because if we bring ourselves to this level the success and failure does not affect to us or matter to us so much. This is only Maya or an illusion and illusion does not stay for ever. Now I don't know if I am making much sense here, I am not an expert here but I think and I know that these sayings works for me. I think for human being to be able to live life normally its very important that you have some issues or some goals(Work/ Karma) in your life which you crave and work hard to fulfil. I think that's what keeps you going and keeps you focused and grounded. If you have all the wealth in the world and you are not a philanthropist  like Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates or "Roger Federer", you are most likely to screw up your life. I think if you are a normal working human being you are the most blessed person on the face of the earth. You can experience normal life with some challenges. That`s just my take on things and it works for me.

Some other famous personalities also left the earth this year. Hollywood icon  Elizabeth Taylor. Indian film legend "Dev Anand" who had given us so many beautiful movies over the spam of about 6 decades.

Prince William and Kate got married! What a beautiful day that was !   

Some other things also happened in the world like Euro crisis especially in Greece. Osama bin laden and Quaddifi got killed. The Bachchan family was blessed with a baby girl.

   Lord Krishna talking to Arjuna.

 I am not the type to make resolutions because I know I will not stick to them. But I surely looked back to see how the year 2011 went so far. Most of it I must say was "Normal" which I love, because now-a-days its hard to find anything "Normal" and I like NORMAL. So it was a good year. I did some small achievements of my own in my own little way, but sure I think I could have done some more. Some not so good things also happened, like misunderstandings with friends which I really regret. I did try to fix it, but the doors had already closed. Then I say it was not meant to be and move on. It was difficult to let go of a good friend but these things happen in life. I suffered for some time, try to make peace with it, put my mind to work which was great and wait for new things to come to my life. I thought its not going to bring anything to cry over spilled milk, that's what I tell my girls and this time it was my turn to follow it, MIND you its very hard. I think kids do so much better than us "Adults".

Time to welcome the new year with open arms and gratitude and wait and hope and work hard to make the most of every single day of 2012 worthwhile. On the personal front I could really do with some more patience, eat a little less Chocolate, but no resolution, just trying. I wish all of you a great start in the new year and the year filled with hope, success and good health. God bless ! WOW!! it already suits! 2012. WELCOME!!!!


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