Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs !

         Truly a visionary and an inspiration........

May his sould RIP. What to write and how to describe this man "Steve Jobs". What he has given to this world which is special, unthinkable, out of the box, amazing and so many more adjectives I can use. I was never a big fan of techonology but when I saw my daughter`s very sleek "Apple" I-pod. It felt great in the hand. The logo was so simple, yet so impressive, so perfect. The feel of the gadjet was as smooth as butter and so sleek. I loved it and then we got a Mac for her. What a delight it was for her as it was for me. What quality!! I am also getting a hang to work on the MAC.

I remember when I was small and used to read magic stories. Once I remember reading that there was this magician who had this big ring on his finger and from sitting at one place he could see and hear what is happeing in the other places. I must be about 8 or 10 yeard old. And I thought, WOW!! what if this could be true. We could see sitting in one place what is happening in other places. And when this thing we can do could be amazing. For me this little I-phone is the sort of replica like this magicians ring, where in we can see whats happening in other places or around the world. What a gadget!  I think we cannot thank Jobs enough for his great work he did for this world. Have a look at his speech. Truly inspiring and I am sure he will be  for many many more decades to come.
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