Saturday, 13 August 2011

Raksha Bandhan/Rakhee

For all my Brother`s and Sister`s...................

Raksha Bandhan (रक्षा बंधन ) or Rakhee as its also called is a festival which the brothers and sisters celebrate throughout India, in fact Indians all over the world. We all know about Mother`s Day, Fathers`s Day, Friendship Day and so on but Raksha bhandan is the only festival which I have seen is celebrated to celebrate the bond between a brother and a sister. Raksha meaning protection and bhandan meaning Bond.The sister ties a silk thread (Rakhee) on her brothers wrist and prays for her brothers success and good health. The brother vows to protect the sister from evil and promises to look after her and be there for her. This festival comes mostly in August or according to the Hindu calender in the month of Shravan and falls on the full moon also called as Shravan Poornima.  Its a full family celebration and sweets and good food are served the whole day. The house is decorated, colorful lehariys and beautiful clothes are worn. For the people like me who are not close to home, Rakhees are sent by post and in a little tiny pack the auspicious roli is also sent. I remember as a child I used to go Rakhee shopping with my mother as her brother`s were also not in the same town as us. The post also knows the significane of this festival and I still remember on top of the envolope (Rakhee) was written in BOLD letters. One or two days before the Rakhee a phone call would be exchanged wether the brother recieved the Rakhee or not. My mother also always reminds me to send the Rakhees on time. I make the Rakhees with the girls and they are always happy to recieve non conventional Rakhees from Europe but made with utmost love and care for all my brothers. Today you can find beautiful Rakhees in the shops. Some are made with Silver, stones and even gold. i remember my father always opted for the most simple and the most elegant "Ram Rakhi".

Oh!!this surely makes me home-sick :( but reminising the memories is also giving me utmost pleasure. The main festival is for Brothers and sisters but that does not mean the sister-in-laws, the nephews, the nieces, the cousins and the aunts are left behind. For women there are special Hangy Rakhees which are tied on their beautiful bangles with little gungroos on.

With a little movement of their hand little music comes out of the gunghroos and the jingling of glass bangles. Back there at home a cousin brother or a sister is of equally importance to you as your own brother and sister. So you can imagine how King size the whole day turns out to be. By us it sure did!! A family with 25 people and then when my bua (aunt, father`s sister) will tie a Rakhee to my father and then will come my mother`s turn and then us, and then you can multiply this with 8 buas and so many other ones. I remember we used to have Rakhee`s until our elbows and for the little ones the biggest ones were chosen !!! What fun that was !! 
As a token of love we used to get some money and little gifts or new clothes and then at the end of the day after keeping the Rakhees properly we all kids would go for a nice hindi movie or I may also call a Bollywood one and to end the nice evening an Ice creme at Guddus !!!  
My brother is one of a kind and I am very honoured to have him as my brother. For me he is a Gem of a person, so giving, caring and the uncontitional love he showers upon me, my family and even other people in his life. He is my vorbild and I really look up to him. I wish him all the very best in his life, good luck, good health and great success.

Here are the Rakhees we made at home.

Off to be sent home

I wish all my brothers, sisters and whole family a very happy रक्षा बंधन !!!!

Lots of love and regards

PS: a technical glitche coudn`t let me put rakhee pics here, am working on mana`s mac, still not used to it. will soon go to my little old microsoft and do it. 

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