Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes On Sunday I turned one year wiser or older as one can say(actually I dont feel differently). I love birthday's and not only mine everyone's. I try and wish a person on his birthday if I can, earlier it was a simple card and now with mails and networking sites its so much easier to do so. As the time of my birthday comes closer I start feeling my adrenaline going higher and me just feeling happy. Back then at home it was not a great deal, good food was cooked and you got money as a gift from parents and aunts and little wrapped up gifts from your friends. One thing I always remember I had always worn new clothes. First my mother used to sew for me and then me loving to sew, starting sewing clothes for me quite early. So for many years a day before my birthday, I will be sitting on  my sewing machine and finish the new outfit for the Birthday. Now if I think it was not so necessary but until now I always wear new clothes. My mom and family can second that.

I think "Birthdays" are special. You are choosen to be sent on this earth and I think its a great deal. For me its like celebrating a new LIFE. I think by celebrating my birthday I am respecting my life and acknowledging how beatiful and special life is. Now by celebrating I don't mean to have a big birthday cake, with ballons and pinaiatas. Not that its bad this way. But just feeling so happy and contented that you were born makes it worthwile. I feel when I am happy and enjoying my birth-day I have experiend that the whole world is with me, not in the literal sense but you know what I mean. Enjoy, Respect and love life by celebrating it, because we know we got this one. I like everything about birthdays cakes, wishes, hugs, tears, flowers, sun shine, wrapped up gifts, phone calls, sms`s, messages on your facebook and so on. The best part is when my girls were big enough and they knew what a birthday is and with their little tiny sticky hands they give you a big bear hug, they couldnt even close their arms around me because they were so small but now they are big and getting wished by my girls is the best feeling ever. They baby you, mother you (and OMG!! now I have tears in my eyes) and I love it. Best feeling ever!

So for people who are like me in "celebrating" its good and for people who are not then guys just start celebrating life and start celebrating your "Birthday".


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