Friday, 12 August 2011

Between Cultures!

I have guests at the moment from Home. I feel torn between the "Guest Culture" of  the East and the West (now i dont know if such a thing exist but i certainly observed and experienced this cultural difference) Now back home in the East where I grew up or some place it still is followed or else it is somewhere in the mind of every person "Athiti Devo Bhav:" meaning guest is God so treat them with utmost respect, cook the best for them and give them your best behaviour and so on, but now here in the West when you are trying to do all things on your own without any outside help it becomes a bit difficult to follow this saying or atleast it is for me. But here in the West its more causual, for what I have observed. But when you are sort of running a one man or rather a woman show trying to juggle things between home, a bit of your work and other household chores etc. I feel I am trying to do my best to follow the "Athithi Devo Bhav" principle but feel like failing on certain accounts. The problem for me is that now I know too much and sometimes I think "Ignorance is a real bliss". If you dont know so many things or ways or cultures then you just do what you know and here you know options from so many Cultures but on the other hand your guests dont know (if someone recall I also wrote an articel on emotional behaviour) and so you cannot simply imply certain things on them. But some things become so much ingrained into you over a period of time that unconsiously you just follow them. I am not saying that I would not like to know other cultures. But its just unclear to me sometimes How do you do your best? What is the right thing to do? Where do you find the balance? and then just feel helpless when I dont get these answers. 
I guess I am not making much sense here, but anyways now the guests are gone (this mail have been pending for long, I had a small holiday in Italy followed by a small sickness) and they went very satisfied and contented from here "got this news from my MIL" says something isint'd. So well I guess I could finally figure out the balance between the two Guest culutres. To be very honest let me tell you what I did, what I always do follow my Heart and it always works!!!!!!!!!!
It was fun to cook for them and fish for some compliments :) and we also exchanged some recipes. Two of them I will soon write on the food páge, really simple ones for a warm breakfast or a light lunch. Its called as Upma, made with semolina and served with peanut chutney. I also make upma but theirs was a bit different version. Another Dish was the famours "Gatti ki Subzi". Will post them soon.


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