Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Almost embrassed !!!

Yes I am !!! almost embrassed. For a few days while I wrote some of my new posts I figured that some of the old photos from the Blog were missing. I started freaking out and was trying to figure out how to fix it and what to do? For me it was some work I did here, especially the phots form the Chüchukästchli. I couldnt figure it out and finally asked Mana. She asked me what I have been doing?(they know I do things like that and then they have to come to my rescue) I explained it to her and here comes the embrassing moment. Because the computer was loading the photos very slowely I removed the phtotos from Picasa, thinking that if I reduce the storage it would help, and that`s what my mistake was. The moment the pictures were taken out from there, they automatically vanished from the Blog. So lesson well learnt. I thought that once if you have put some pictures on the Blog, no matter what..... it stays. But apparentely that is not the case. The stuff should always be on-line. You can never stop learning. Keeps you grounded. Every once in a while when I start thinking Ok!!! I got this and BAM!!! something like this happens and you think you still have a long way to go and so it really keeps you going.

So will never do this stupid mistake again. Mana again came to the resuce. Kids are so good now-a-days as if they are born with a chip or shall I say I was a bit stupid. Anyways "What a relief it was" for me to know and fix the problem. I shall sleep well today. I have uploaded some gone pictures on the Blog and shall do the rest of them soon.

Subh Ratri !!!


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