Wednesday, 22 June 2011

At the Mercy of the net

I didnt realise until a few days ago how much dependent we have become of the net. At the moment our net is having problems and am also having problems with my hotmail. Can't download photos or send attachments. R says because I keep downloading and surfing!!!! But that's not really true, ok I do surf a bit but not that much downloading unless its a good recipe. But on the other hand he, after dinner sneaks on the compi and starts seeing old songs from Mr. Bachchan. So you see !!!! I tell him our Compi is 10 years old. Time for a change!! But he says we will see........that means he will try his best to fix it :(  So that is one of the reasons I have not been on the blog. I have to put new pictures of the Chüchikastli and some everyday recipes which I have clicked and want to put on the blog. I have also promised someone a recipe of Tamarind chutney too. Hope this gets better soon and I can use my typing skills agian. Until then we will just have to do with the texts without photos :( and ja about photos.....I love photos!!!! A picture can say a thousand words and I so much belive in that!!!

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