Saturday, 14 May 2011

Barter system is back !!!

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing how Barter system should have worked. As I had the opportunity of witnessing it today. I love sewing and most of my life I sewed on a very basic sewing machine but now I have a Bernina (an old one) but still quite modern from what I knew. I was looking for a sewing teacher who could teach me the functions of my machine. Through a friend of mine I got to know about a woman who used to be a kids sewing teacher and who was kind enough to agree to give me a class. Of course I was very thrilled and wanted to ask something to give her or do for her in return. She happend to love food and accepted that if I could give her a cooking class. So we had a deal. First she showed me different stitches on the machine and also some great tips and after that I showed her how to do an Indian Chai, Samosas with Blatterteig and a Mango dessert. It felt so great to do this today.

It felt great to this because it was so different than what we are used to do things today, ie. in exchange of money. This was just person to person. You getting help for something what you need and giving the other person an opportunity to see or try something new. I am sure I will look for more opportunites like this.

I am soon going to put all the three recipes on the Food page soon. I am telling you the Mango Dessert is a killer. Not because I made it but because the main ingredient is "The King of Fruits" THe Alfanso Mango.

So I wish you a good evening.



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