Friday, 20 May 2011

Annabella !!!

Who doesn't know about samosas. We all do and those who dont its an Indian all time snack/fingerfood/zwischendurch food which is available almost everywhere. Its mostly filled with boiled potatoes and peas (with some spices of course) but can also be filled with your choice of meat. Annabella the Women's magazine made it easier for me. In this month's issue they have given a very good recipe to make samosas with chtuney. Try it its worth it and if you are not the person who like frying than I am giving you another eaiser option. Take blatterteig, either make single samosas with it, or  put the teig on the baking tray, put the filling on the border and roll it like a swiss roll. This version I have done it in kinder courses and I do it at home all the time. There are two benefits of doing it this way: one you will need less time to form samosas, just make a roll and give some slits on the roll about 3-4 centimeters apart like an appel strudel and secondly you will not need that much teig (so less guilt of eating white flour). The reason of giving slits is that after baking its very easy to break them into pieces and secondly with the warm heat of the oven the potatoes get a bit crisp from inisde. I over fill it and sometimes the girls complain. Mama there is so much filling in this than the teig. I serve it with a small salad and chuntey of course. Another way of serving a very big samosa is to make it in the size of a calzone, so you can serve one only. I know I always have too many versions, can't help it. Enjoy !!!

Samosas in Hülle & Fülle

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