Thursday, 28 April 2011

So it is !!!

So I woke up with a bad headache, fixed breakfast for L, had a cup of Chai with a cracker and gulped down an asprin with it. After throwing the washing in the machine somehow managed to drive to my pilates class. The beginning was not very good but slowely the body woke up and after a very hard lesson I came out of the class like a new person, as if walking on air. Now we all know the benefits of working out. But there are days where in we just want to lay in bed, read a book, sit in front of the telly eating crisps or rather in this case me eating popcorn made in olive oil by M (will soon put the recipe, its awesome!!!). As we all know the glückshorme Endorphin (the morphin within) which the brain produces while exercising and in return makes us feel happy, relaxed and more energetic. So as Nike says "Just do it", I try and follow most of the time. Time and again I have used this phrase from Nike, and it works for me. In fact this is one of the best advertisements which I like. Simple, clear and full of message. No planning, thinking, just doing. This does not mean that we should not plan anything, we sure do expecially for working out we have to. Otherwise we will do what I sometimes do, oh ! I dont have time, have to clear the kitchen, do groceries, the bag is not filled and so on. So what I do is fill up my bag in the evening before going to bed, clear up the house a bit and soon after my breakfast I am off.

The benefits are huge be it Pilates, yoga, walking, swimming or whatever is that you fancy. And you can always give yourself a treat every now and then, like go see a movie, or a new book or eat out with a friend.

Have a great day.
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