Monday, 11 April 2011


Every country has its cultures and traditions. Today Sechseläuten was celebrated in Zürich. This festival is a Spring festival and is celebrated for 2-3 days and the last day of the festival when the Bögg (Snowman) is burned down, its an offical holiday in Zürich. On the 2 nd day there is a children's Parade through the old town of Zürich and on the 3rd and the last day the 26 guilds(the guilds which, originally represented trades, were responsible for much of Zurich’s political, social, economic and military life) get dressed in traditional costumes and they parade around the old town of Zürich along with horse drawn carriages, horses etc. The Parade starts at 15.00 and ends at 18.00, and at sharp 18.00(swiss time) the Bögg is burned down. They say the faster the Bögg burns down the better the summer is going to be that year. Today  I think it took 10.56 seconds(approximately), they had not confirmed the right time and than it was time for me to go and cook.
I watched the whole procession at home while ironing but I guess I should have gone to the city to see it live beacuse the weather was great today. Anyways there is always next time and you get a better coverage on the telly at home.


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