Friday, 29 April 2011

One of the best evenings !!

Yesterday was one of the best evenings for me and to meet so many different people from different countries and different walks of like was awesome. The commom factor joining all of us was, guess what?? Yes!!!  Food !!! They were very enthusiastic and exicitng people and its so nice to meet people like that. There was this person who was explaining cooking to be very magical and how he felt like a magician mixing and using all those spices. It was a very sexy description for a cuisine I have ever heard. But to be very honest it fitted. Passionate people feel like that about cooking and I could'nt agree more. Another think what I liked is this French girl and her language, how she spoke English and German in her French accent. I love the way the French speak, its so cute !!!

I feel today the world has changed so much, its a real Global Village in every term. You see so many people from different cultures, religions and countries and still coexisting with each other. This thing always keeps my Adrenaline flowing. MY GOD!! it was not long ago we had seen World-Wars, German and French against each other, Indians being ruled by the British and so on. Now we have seen the first Black President in America and for one very little humble being like me, here I sit with all these people on one big table breaking Bread !! WOW !!! what a feeling that is !! Its nondescribale for me. But it feels great and  I thank God each time I get to witness this.

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