Friday, 29 April 2011

History being made Today!!!

Today we all saw History being made right before our eyes. A commoner being married to a Prince and becoming Princess. Felt just like seeing a Barbie movie. It was magical, beautiful and a very happy moment for so many people around the globe to see Princess Diana`s son Prince William tie the knot with Kate Middelton. I saw the ceremony with my whole family as other millions of people around the globe must have seen. Beautiful !!! Kate was looking very beautiful and graceful and she carried her with such ease. She will make a real Royal beside Prince William. I or we all have seen the boys grow together from kids to adults after the death of Princess Diana. They have turned out to be such great human beings and William has such an affecianote smile like his mother. I am sure she is blessing them but if she would have been here, she would have been so proud.


God bless the Royal Couple !!!

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