Friday, 3 December 2010

Gestern!! Heute!! und Morgen !!! Its all about LIFE !!

Gestern! Heute ! und Morgen ! its all about Life !!!
It really is!! Today as I waved goodye and good day to my 13 and 16 year old girls, suddenly a thought came to my mind. It was not so long ago there were`nt even there with me but how much I wanted them. Then they came along, I held them in my body and then in my arms and then came the baby belt and stroller and so on. I also felt pregency was the best thing happened to me because that was the time I was so close to my child like we were together, meaning literally together, we were part of one another and I was so not looking forward for them to be born because then they will be a bit more away from me. Dont get me wrong I couldnt wait to see that pretty little faces but with time as they grow they are more and more away with you but in so many ways so close.

As my girls runs to the bus stop in the cold, dark and snowy morning, again a thought came. It was not so long I used to hold their hand and help them get on the bus show them things on the way and also tell them the name of the bus stops and now they have become so much more smarter and surer then me. In in so many areas I look up to them and feel so proud of what they have become. This is the time I think when each mother wants to lose to their kids. Then I go in the past I remember some small incidents with my parents and how I remember their reaction which told me that they are so proud of me and they want to learn from me or happy to learn. The incidents were very petty they dont even matter now but the thing is I am now in the shoes of me, my mother and I also remember me as a daugher so in a way its a WIN WIN situation for me in more ways then one. I dont know if I am making any sense but to tell you the truth I feel great, great of being me, being my mother`s daughter and being the mother to my kids !!! It all feels very liberating and I dont thing I could thank God enough for all of this.

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